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The Hunted and The End

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Nov. 28th, 2015 | 05:56 pm
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posted by: shaved_ape in zombie_survival

This week I have been mostly reading 'The Hunted' and 'The End' by Charlie Higson.

These two books represent the final installments of Charlie Higson's zombie series which started several years ago with 'The Enemy'. All of the books are set in London and to be more accurate feature 'infected humans' rather than 'zombies' but the effect is much the same. The entire adult population has become 'infected' leaving children and young teenagers to fend for themselves in a zombie-like apocalypse. Primarily the books are marketed towards the teen/young adult readership but they are rattling good yarns, as gripping and suspenseful as anything else I have read in the genre - and spanning seven books (and a large cast of characters) the series has gathered a quite epic scope. The fact that almost all of the locations in the books are famous landmarks, each with a distinct personality that rubs off on the children who stay there only adds to the pleasure.
The final two books in the series run more or least concurrently, with the events in the penultimate book happening more or less simultaneously with the events in the final book is quite a nice touch (and one I was not aware off until I picked up copies of both around the same time). They also manage really nicely to bring back the key surviving players from all of the previous books - even if they haven't been mentioned for quite some time, thus tying up all of the disparate stories in quite a neat little bow.
This series is too good to be left to just the teenagers!

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